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Association Action Centaur'


Michel Larroche
research, training
equi-therapy & creativity

Solange Larroche

Marie-jeanne de La Mare
nature tourism

Pierre Assié

Claudéa Vossbeck-L'Hoëst 
research, training
equi-therapy & creativity

Pascal de La Mare
breeding and animal traction

Dr vet Alexandra Langford 
veterinary survey

Georges Schars
equine podology

Bettina Steinle
publishing & research
equi-yoga Germany


phone number :

+33 679 66 77 41
(Claudéa Vossbeck-L'Hoëst)


mail :

contact @

mailing-adress :

Action Centaur' Equi-Energie
1, Chemin de Hernan
33340 Saint Yzans de Médoc


responsible :

Action Centaur' Equi-Energie
French non-profit organisation

SIRENE : 753 600 816 000015

site design :

137 rue Achard
33300 Bordeaux, France
telefon (+33) 5 56 69 70 70

hosting :

ZI de la Gardette
33310 Lormont, France
telefon (+33) 5 56 38 58 38

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